36V 20A Lithium Battery Charger (LiFePO4)


Input Characteristics

Input Voltage: 100-132VAC

Nominal Voltage: 120 VAC

Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Nominal Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Variation Frequency:47/63 Hz

Inrush Current: 50A Max. Cold start at 120 VAC input, with rated load and 25℃ ambient.

Ac Leakage Current:  3 mA Max. at 120 VAC input


Output Characteristics

Power Output:

    Voltage          Min. Voltage        constant.current         Output Power

+43.2 VDC±1 %         +41.4 V         20A±5%              864W

Combined Load/Line Regulation

Voltage   Min. Voltage    Max. Voltage     Line Regulation   

+43.2 VDC     41.4V          29 V            ±1%

Ripple And Noise:

The ripple and noise are as follows when measure with Max.Bandwidth of 20 MHz and Parallel 47 uF / 0.1 uF,crossed connected at testing point.

      Voltage         Ripple And Noise(Max.)

+43.2 VDC           500 mVp-p

Indicator Light :

Unload:  Green Light

Charging:Red Light

Full of Battery:Green Light


Protection Requirement

Output short protection: No voltage output of charger without load, red light flashing, fault removal can be recovered.

Over current protection: Shut off and red light flashing when output current over 24A.

0 V charging: Battery locking protection. Output 43.2 V to charge and activate the battery within 5 seconds.

Reverse polarity Protection : Output off, red light flashing, fault removal can be recovered.

No-load protection: Less than 36 V safe voltage output , After connecting the battery, it will automatically identify and output the normal voltage.

High voltage protection: Turn off the output voltage when the output battery voltage is greater than 50 V.

Fully charged protection: When the charging time exceeds 20+/-2 hours, the set value will auto turn off the output voltage.

over-temperature Protection : When the temperature exceeds 7-℃+/-3℃, output shuts off, red light flashes, fan turns. the power supply will return to normal after the temperature down to 60℃.

Charge protection with full change battery: After the battery is fully charged, it is necessary to charge another battery, pull out the DC plug for an interval of ≥ 1.5 s  before plugging in for charging

Precharge protection function: 21.6 V-27.5 V, constant current is 4 A; Charging voltage to 27.5 V above, constant current 20 A charging

Environmental requirement

Operating Temperature:  0℃-40℃

Storage Temperature:- 20℃ to 85℃, Without package

Relative Humidity: 5% (0℃)~90℃(40℃)RH, 72 Hrs,Full load,Normal operating

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